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Carl Faia Sonic Arts

Computer music designer, composer, performer, Sonic Arts teacher

Qu’est-ce donc que la musique ?
À la fois un art, une science et un artisanat.
Pierre Boulez, Points de repère

  • Put the glasses on

Put the Glasses ON

My new motto: Put the glasses on! Ray Nelson's Eight O’Clock in the Morning (1963) (http://bit.ly/2dS0oPH) At the end of the show the hypnotist told his subjects, “Awake.” Something unusual happened. One of the subjects awoke all the way. This had never happened before. His name was George Nada and he blinked out at the sea of faces in the theatre, at first unaware of anything out of the ordinary. Then he noticed, spotted here and there in the crowd, [...]

  • The Empty Frame

Nobody Cares If You Listen

Actually, I’ve ‘transcribed’ the name of the video you should find below from Nobody Cares About Your Photography to Nobody Cares If You Listen. You could also transcribe it to nobody cares about your art. I’ll explain. I take pictures. I would like to take better pictures, so I subscribe to a very informative podcast called The Art of Photography. Ted Forbes has been doing this for a long time and I enjoy his delivery, and the subject matter is [...]

  • Jonathan Harvey

The Music Of Stockhausen by Jonathan Harvey

Jonathan Harvey (1939–2012) looks at and decrypts the early work of Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928–2007).5Harvey, Jonathan.  The music of Stockhausen : an introduction / by Jonathan ...continue Introductory style, with Harvey’s wonderfully clear and insightful explanations and lots of musical examples… A great book to have at hand. I started looking for this one about a year ago and it was selling for some crazy price. I finally found it at a reasonable price and now [...]

  • Patch clloseup

define: patch

patch /paCH/ noun: patch; plural noun: patches Middle English (pacche): perhaps from a variant of Old French pieche, dialect variant of piece:  Vulgar Latin pedaceum literally, something measured a piece of material used to mend or cover a hole or a weak spot a small piece : scrap a temporary connection in a communication system a part of something marked out from the rest by a particular characteristic a small piece of ground, especially one used for gardening an area for which someone [...]

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