The Music Of Stockhausen by Jonathan Harvey

Jonathan Harvey (1939–2012) looks at and decrypts the early work of Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928–2007).[ref]Harvey, Jonathan.  The music of Stockhausen : an introduction / by Jonathan Harvey Faber London  1975.[/ref] Introductory style, with Harvey’s wonderfully clear and insightful explanations and lots of musical examples… A great book to have at hand. I started looking for this one about a year ago and it was selling for some crazy price. I finally found it at a reasonable price and now I see that it can be had for less than 20 $/€/£… If you can find it, grab it. A short note on the book and why you should have it In 1975, Harvey was in his mid-thirties and a Senior Lecturer [...]

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